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Best bluetooth speakers 2022

Unlike many other electronic devices and appliances, Bluetooth speakers all tend to work on the same principle. This isn’t to say that there isn’t a great deal of diversity in this niche of course – to the contrary. Bluetooth speakers can vary greatly from each other in terms of their size, design, and additional features, as well as their quality. However, in terms of how they function, the base principles tend to be the same, it’s the quality and the design where they differ from one another.

So, what are the best Bluetooth speakers for you? Here’s our list of all the main types you might want to consider.

The different types of Bluetooth speakers

As most people want to listen to music in different places and in different ways, Bluetooth speakers come in a lot of different models and designs.

Tower speakers

The least portable but most impressive type of Bluetooth speakers are the tower models. Great for indoor parties, these resemble standard old-school speakers and tend to have excellent sound quality.

Trolly speakers

A more mobile variation of the tower speakers, trolly Bluetooth speakers are attached to a portable trolly with rollers and a handle for easier portability.

Soundbar speakers

Another perfect indoor option, soundbar Bluetooth speakers are great for every home. They often sport an excellent look that matches with any interior design while still offering perfect sound quality. They are also lightweight and easy to carry around if you want to move them or take them somewhere.

Shower speakers

If you want to take bathroom singing to a whole new level (and you know your neighbors won’t call the police out of frustration), shower Bluetooth speakers are an excellent choice. They usually have a carabiner clip attached to them to help you hang them on the shower curtain and they are waterproof (duh!). Incidentally, this also makes them great for hiking and camping.

Capsule shaped speakers

A very popular design, capsule Bluetooth speakers tend to be both small and powerful. The unique capsule shape is not just a visual design choice but it also helps them produce high-quality bass and an overall fantastic sound.

Car speakers

Car Bluetooth speakers come in a variety of models and designs so you can always find a good option for your car’s interior space. They offer excellent sound quality for small and enclosed spaces, and they also usually come with mic attachment.

Pocket or mini speakers

Many Bluetooth speakers are designed to fit these categories. Their key feature is self-explanatory – they are small, compact, and portable. The best models will still offer excellent quality despite their small size. They will also have around 4 to 8 hour battery life before they need to be recharged. Some will also have the option to be connected via an aux wire. It’s always smart to bring battery backups with these speakers but aside from that they are a great and compact option.

Turtle shell speakers

This unique design is spiking in popularity recently and for good reasons. Turtle shell Bluetooth speakers have a fascinating and beautiful design, they are usually waterproof as they are meant for outdoor uses, and they offer excellent sound bursting in all directions. Their waterproofness is especially note-worthy as these speakers can literally be dropped underwater and not only survive and float back on top but still play music underwater. Obviously, picking a high-quality model is a must.

What should I look for when buying Bluetooth speakers?

With so many different types and designs, it can be complicated to decide exactly what you want. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

Quality above all

Whatever you choose to go with, it’s essential that it’s of a high enough quality. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to pick the most expensive branded speakers – there are many well-priced models and brands out there too. Regardless, picking something with a known high-quality ensures not only an excellent sound but a much longer life.

Find the right model

Many of the various Bluetooth speaker models out there are specialized for particular situations and listening preferences. That’s why it’s crucial to consider how you want to listen to music and pick the speakers that will satisfy your preferences as best as possible.

Battery life

All wireless speakers are designed to work with rechargeable batteries with a few having the option of a wired connection as well. Whatever you choose, make sure their battery life fits with your expectations and preferences.

Extra features that might be useful

Bluetooth speakers come with nearly incalculable different features to choose from. However, to help you with your choice a bit more, here are the main extra features we’d recommend:

  • Waterproof. Unless you want your speakers to stay on your desk at all times, you’ll likely want to carry them around. With rain and spillage being a constant risk, picking a waterproof model is a great perk.
  • Enhanced durability. As with any portable electronic device, it’s smart to make sure you pick speakers that can survival knock or fall damage.
  • FM tuner. Even if you don’t expect to listen to the radio on your speakers, it’s still a cool option to have at times.
  • Built-in speakerphone. Great for party speakers, a speakerphone is a cool option for large gatherings.
  • Remote control and/or app control. It’s always great to have remote control over electronic devices and Bluetooth speakers are no exception.

As with any other electronic appliance, choosing the best possible quality is usually the way to go. Bluetooth speakers can last anywhere from weeks to years depending on their model and brand so it’s always better to prioritize equality over price. Aside from that, the rest is just about picking the right type and features for your personal preferences.

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